Age: 29
Personal: Pre-Op Shemale
Height: 5-9
Weight: 132
Location: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Bartender
Hobbies: Blogging, daydreaming, reading, sports, travel
Likes: A good book on a rainy day, snuggled in front of a fireplace
Dislikes: I hate cheesecake (ick!)

I’m not fond of labels but I guess most would just call me a pre-op shemale.  I live full time but not sure when I’ll be able to get gender reassignment surgery. Not sure if it’s a big deal to me now that I live as a woman anyway. It really is kind of like having the best of both worlds. If it weren’t for societal pressures there would be no problem at all regarding my transgender status.
Being a shemale isn’t so bad. It makes for some very interesting situations. I try to be socially respectable and environmentally conscisous but I have a bit of a wild side too!
I respect other people’s opinions until they impose their views on me. I enjoy a good lively debate provided it doesn’t get personal. Some people can’t seem to have a good debate without becoming belligerent and becoming offensive.
I’m a little nerdy. My imagination is one of my strongest assets. I like writing and reading and blogging about all sorts of things. I have written a number of TG articles. Maybe I’ll be a world famous author someday… I draw stick figures. Hmm, not much on the drawing but I enjoy it anyway. I’m pretty handy on a computer and enjoy creating web pages. I do some transgender social networking on sites like Transgender Guide and chat in the TG Chat Room.
I love people watching. Have you ever gone to a mall and just sat and watched the people going by? It’s interesting to me in my nerdy kind of way. But I can be very much extroverted as well. I love a good party and like to have a great time with fun people. I’ve been known to be the last to leave a party and don’t mind having a few drinks now and then. I enjoy the night life that San Francisco offers. My girlfriends and I get all dressed up and hit The Castro District for good times. I enjoy when a gentleman offers to buy me a drink and engages in flirty conversation. I’ve struck up some nice friendships and even a relationship or two this way.
I’m somewhat interested in politics and world news. I worry about the direction our world is headed and pray for peace. I wonder about the fate of humanity given the direction we’re going. I care deeply for people.
I believe we understand nothing until we understand ourselves and we can love no one until we love ourselves. I have some work to do but I aspire to live by my belief.

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